Alternative History
John F. Kennedy (JFK Lives)
John F. Kennedy, White House color photo portrait
35th President of the United States
In office:

January 20, 1961 - January 20, 1969

Preceded by: Dwight Eisenhower
Succeded by: Richard Nixon
United States Senator from Massachusetts
In office:

January 3, 1947 - January 3, 1953

Preceded by: Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
Succeded by: Benjamin A. Smith II

May 29, 1917, Brookline, Massachusetts

Died October 4, 1995, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts
Cause of Death Stroke
Nationality: American
Political party: Democrat

Jacqueline Kennedy (1929-2011)

Children: Caroline, John Jr., Patrick
Alma mater:

Harvard College

Occupation: Politician
Religion: Roman Catholic

This Timeline's POD is that John F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917-October 4, 1995) survives his assassination attempt on November 22, 1963. Kennedy still would have chosen Lyndon Johnson in his 60 and 64 campaign.


What if John F. Kennedy had lived?


  • Despite his previous health conditions, John F. Kennedy lived the average male life-span of 78 years.
  • John F. Kennedy's affair with Marilyn Monroe continued.
  • Kennedy ran for a second term and won.

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