Timeline of JPK


July 25: Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. is born.


May 29: John Fitzgerald Kennedy is born.


November 20: Robert Francis Kennedy is born.


February 22: Edward Moore Kennedy is born.


July 23: Lieutenants Joe Kennedy Jr. and Wilford Willy successfully complete a hazardous mission over Mimoyecques, France (within seconds of their bailing out, the drown they were flying explodes).

October 1: Kennedy and Willy are awarded the Navy Cross by Admiral King in Washington. Their fathers and President Roosevelt are also present.


November 4: Joe Kennedy Jr. is elected to the House of Representatives from Massachusetts 11 District. Joe's little brother John F. "Jack" Kennedy works as his campaign spokesman and decides to become a carrer journalist. Also, in New Jersey Kennedy's former co-pilot Wilford Willy is elected to the House as a Republican.


November 4: Joe Kennedy Jr. is elected to the United States Senate, defeating Republican incumbent Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.

John Kennedy moves to California to pursue a carrer in Hollywood.


September 11: Senator Joe Kennedy Jr. marries Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.

Also, John Kennedy becomes Marilyn Monroe's press agent. within months the two will began an affair that will last six years.


November 4: Wilford Willy is elected to the U.S. Senate from New Jersey.


August 23: Joe and Jacqueline Kennedy's first child Arabella is stillborn.


August: Joe Kennedy Jr. is briefly a candidate for Vice President at the Democratic National Convention. He loses however to Tennessee Senator Estes Kefauver.


November 27: Joe and Jackie Kennedy's second child Caroline is born


November 4: Senator Joe Kennedy Jr. is re-elected in a landslide over Republican Vincent Celeste.


December 23: John Kennedy marries Marilyn Monroe.


July 15: Joe Kennedy Jr. is nominated for President at the Democratic National Convention. Kennedy chooses Texas Senator Lyndon Johnson for his running mate.

July 28: Vice President Richard Nixon is nominated for President at the GOP convention and chooses Willy for his VP.

November 8: Kennedy beats Republican Richard Nixon in a very close election. At 45 he is the youngest man ever elected President.

November 11: Joe and Jackie Kennedy's third child Joseph Patrick Kennedy III is born.

November 25: John and Marilyn Kenndey's first son John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. is born.


January 20: Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. is inaugurated as the 35th president of the United States. Shortly afterward he appoints his brother John; his Press Secretary, and makes his other brother Robert F. "Bobby" Kennedy Attorney General.

April: An attempted invasion of Cuba by anti-Castro exiles fails at the Bay of Pigs. President Kennedy takes full blame for the failer but the nation forgives him.


October: the Cuban Missile Crisis ends peacefully when President Kennedy declares a Navy blockade of the island.


August 7: Joe and Jackie Kennedy's forth child John Bouvier Kenedy is born, but dies two days later.

November 22: President Kennedy is shot dead by former Marine Corps sniper and communist Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas. Within hours Vice president Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as the 36th. President of the United States.


March-June: Senator Wilford Willy wins the republican primaries in New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Oregon. He is seen as the main rival to conservative Senator Berry Goldwater.

July 16: Barry Goldwater wins the Republican nomination at the San Francisco GOP conventiuon with 733 delegate votes to 290 for Willy.

August 4: John Kennedy is appointed to the U.S. Senate to replace Senator Clair Engle (D), who died of a brain tumor.

August 24: President Lyndon Johnson is re-nominated at the Deomocratic National Convention, and chooses Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey for his running-mate.

September 1: Former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy defeats Samuel Stratton for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator from New York.

November 3: President Johnson wins re-election in a landslide (61%-38%) over Goldwater, John Kennedy wins re-election over Republican George Murphy (54%-44%). Robert Kennedy also wins his senatoral race by 10 points over Republican incumbent Kenneth Keating.


March 16: Senator John F. Kennedy announces his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination.

June 4: Shortly after winning the California primary, John is shot and dies the next day. His brother and fellow Senator Robert Kennedy pledeges to continue his brothers campaign and movement.

August 26: At the Chicogo Democratic convention, Vice President Hubert Humphrey wins the with 1,360 votes to Eugene McCarthy's 575 and (Robert) Kennedy's 520. Humphrey chooses Maine Senator Edmund Muskie for his VP over Kennedy and Oklahoma Senator Fred Harris.

November 5: Former Republican Vice President Richard M. Nixon wins the presidential election by less than one percent of the popular vote.


May 4: The 12th son of Robert and Ethel Kennedy is born. His name is marilyn kennedy.

November 4: Senator Robert F. Kennedy wins re-election by 16 points and prepares for a run for the presidency in 1972.


August 5: Marilyn Monroe Kennedy commits suicide in her Hollywood home.

December 2: Senator Kennedy announces his bid for the Presidency. He is considerd a front with Ed Muskie and Alabama Governor George Wallace.


January 25: Senator Kennedy beats Ed Muskie and George McGovern in the Iowa Caucus.

March 7: McGovern wins an upset victory in New Hampshire over Kennedy.

April 4: George Wallace wins the Wisconsin primary because of the liberal vote being split between Kennedy and McGovern.

May 10: By this time Kennedy has won four primaries (Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and West Virginia). McGovern has won three (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Nebraska). George Wallace has won five (Florida, Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina).

May 15: Senator Robert Kennedy is shot and killed by Arthur Bremer.

July 10-12: George McGovern is nominated on the first ballot at the democratic convention. November 7: Richard Nixon is re-elected President by a landslide over McGovern.


August 19: The youngest of the Kennedy brothers, Edward Moore, survives after driving his car off a bridge on Martha's Vineyard. A female occupant, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowns. She and Kennedy had just attended a party for the "Boiler Room Girls" who had worked on brother Robert's presidential campaign the year before.


November 5: George Wallace is re-elected Governor of Alabama, in 1975 he has an amazing change of heart and becomes a champion of civil rights. Wallace and his wife Cornelia will have four children and will remain married until Wallace's death in 1998.


January 4: Senator Gilford Willy retires after 24 years in the Senate. He later writes a book about his career with the Kennedys entitled "Life With The Kennedys"


July 16: Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy Jr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Joe Kennedy Jr. are killed when their private plane piloted by John Jr. crashs in the ocean. Many have speculated that Joe Jr. was planning to run for US Senate in Pennsylvania against Rick Santorum, while John Jr. was planning to run for the seat of retiring New York Senator Pat Moynihan.


August 25: Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy dies at age 77 from brain cancer.

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