Republic of Jackson
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Madison County, Tennessee
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Location of Jackson

All For One

Capital Jackson
Largest city Jackson
Language English
Government Kentucky Protectorate
Colonel Kenny Perry
Area 1,447 km²
Population 51,837 
Currency Barter

Jackson was a small dictatorship located in the former US state of Tennessee. However it is now under temporary military rule of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.



Doomsday had the effect of severely destabilizing the county. When it became apparent that the US wasn't coming back, there was a convention and a new constitution was drawn up for the newly independent "Republic of Jackson". However at the same convention the government secretly took a step toward tyranny.

A New Confederacy

More to come...

Race Riots of 2000

When it became increasingly apparent that the new government was intending to disenfranchize the large Black minority, riots started breaking out. New gangs, often divided along racial lines, sprung up and started fighting each other. The police force was overwhelmed, being either unable or unwilling to do anything.

2003 Crisis

In May of 2003 the elections were disrupted by unusually powerful tornadoes. Sinister elements within the government took their opportunity, and martial law was implemented. This had the welcome benefit of containing the violence between the racially divided gangs, but this came at a terrible cost. It soon became apparent that the "postponed" elections were in fact completely cancelled. This started a resistance to the regime, one that would serve the coming events well.


Mayor Charles Farmer

Virginian-Jacksonian War

A joint Virginian-LoN-Portland contingent that was exploring the area came across Jackson. Initially they were greeted with respect by the citizens of Jackson but the government soon forced them out at gun point.

Virginia was outraged and quickly passed a resolution in their congress that declared war on Jackson. Kentucky urged restraint until the situation could be assessed further. This lead to a a so called "phoney war" where Virginia mobilized its soldiers and waited to see what Kentucky was going to do.

Kentucky determined that the Jackson city-state was a racist totalitarian dictatorship and Kentucky passed a resolution of war as well.

The war did not last very long, with the Dixie Alliance crushing the small militia of Jackson. During the final battle a well placed bomb from the Kentucky air force killed Mayor Charles Farmer and the local resistance seized the opportunity and took control of the city. The new government surrendered the city to the Dixie Alliance the next day.

Current Status

Jackson suffered minimum damage with very few civilian deaths or damage to civilian infrastructure. Nevertheless troops from Kentucky remain in the area helping the new government function while repairing the damage done during the war.

On July 1, 2010, the military government of Jackson joined the Dixie Alliance. Sometime in 2011, the civilian government of Jackson plans to have a vote to decide the city-state's future.

Foreign Relations

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