Alternative History

Point of Departure


February 1744, A French invasion fleet left for England beating a storm by a matter of hours. With the fleet is Charles Stuart, Prince of Wales and heir to the Thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland; better known as Bonnie Prince Charlie.

At the same time that the French land in southern England, a coordinated uprising begins in the Highlands of Scotland.

Both armies slowly make their ways to London which falls to the Jacobite forces, leading to a return of the House of Stuart under the Prince of Wales's father, King James III and VIII.

The Aftermath

  • Ireland, England and Scotland each receive a separate legislative parliament.
  • Wales is granted a certain level of autonomy
  • Religious tolerance is applied (no state church or sectarian prerequisite for holding office).
  • Respect of the Scottish Highland Clan System
  • Elements of the Scottish Highland's dress having been adopted by other ethnicities as a sort of Jacobitic uniform. Originally these were mostly a plain kilt in national colours (green or blue & gold for Ireland, white and red for England, green, white and red for wales) but in later years, regional variants were created.
  • One of the most famous Scottish regiment in the British Army is the Clan Macdonald of Clanranald, know as the Canranald Highlanders. It becomes an honour guard for the King in Scotland.
  • James leaves leaves the Quadruple Alliance during the War of Austrian Succession.