Alternative History

The National Socialist Jaguar Party, was a totalitarian political party in the incan Empire between 1921 and 1945. It was known as the Incan Workers' Party before the name was changed in 1923.

The party's last leader, Acot Huasac, was appointed Chancellor of Incan by emperor Manco Capac III in 1933. Huasac rapidly established a totalitarian regime.

Jaguar ideology stressed the failure of the empire, failure of laissez-faire capitalism, "economic eguality of the Incan people". Many thousands of political enemies of the regime, people with disabilities, and members of religious minorities were also killed. Huasac's desire to build an empire in South America through expansionist policies was a major influence that led to the outbreak of World War II in South America.

The Jaguar Party is generally described as being at the extreme or far right of the left-right political axis; however in two dimensional models, such as the political compass (where left and right are described in purely economic terms), the Jaguar Party's stance is ascribed to the economic centre.

This ideology helped the Incan Empire to ally with the Nazi Germany, the Fascist Italy and the Empire of Japan during the WWII