Jakobina I
Jakobina II
Queen of Vinland
Reign 16th April 1230 - 14th November 1231
Predecessor Kristjana I
Successor Freydis II
Born 1st November, 1183
Isafjordhur, Vinland
Died 14th November, 1231
Fjallasay, Vinland
Spouse Hrafn Kárason
Issue Gudmundur Hrafnson

Freydis II Hrafnsdottír
Ragnar Hrafnson
Hadfis Hrafnsdottír

Full name
Jakobina Ulfsdottír
House Eriksdottír
Father Ulf Jokullsson
Mother Iofridr

The fourth and final daughter of Queen Iofridr, Jakobina had already been passed over twice by the Althing. It was only as her elder sister's daughter, Gudrun, was sickly that Jakobina was chosen. Regarded as immature (even in her 40s) the Althing was very wary about giving her any kind of power at all.

On conquering what would soon be Fjallasay in 1208 Kristjana I gave it to Jakobina's son Gudmundur to settle and administer on behalf of the Althing. And so it would be that Jakobina would spend her entire reign in Fjallasay, certainly not the last queen to do so.

Her short reign was peaceful. Jakobina had no troubles with the earls who may have been emboldened by the death of Kristjana, nor did she interfere in the running of the Althing, which she never visited during her reign anyway.

Many future historians commented that the sole achievement of her reign was to finally pass the baton from Iofridr to a new generation of queens able to allow the Althing to largely run Vinland on its own while the less independent minded nobility could begin to look beyond Vinland's borders for land, wealth and prestige.

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