Kingdom of Jammu
Timeline: Hamaara 1857
Flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
' Jammu
Language Dogri
Ethnic Group Dogras
Demonym Jammuwalla
Government Monarchy
  legislature Jammu Durbar
Maharaja Ranveer Singh
  Royal house: Dogra
Established 1861
Currency Jammu Rupee

Jammu, also known as the Kingdom of Jammu (Dogri:मुलख आह्‌ला जम्मू) is a Punjabi protectorate in Northern India.

The first Dogra king of Jammu was Gulab Singh Dogra,who supported the British in the Anglo-Sikh wars and gained control of the states in and surrounding the nation.

In 1857,when most Indian states went to war with the British,Jammu (which also had control of Kashmir and Ladakh) stayed neutral and even gave slight support to the British.This led to Jammu's king,Gulab Singh,being killed and replaced with his nephew Ranveer Singh.

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