Jammu and Kashmir (A Different India)

Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir
جموں و کشمیر کی ریاست (Urdu) किंग्डम ऑफ जम्मू अँड काश्मीर (Dogri)
Timeline: A Different India
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Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
'For God,My Country,and My Friends'
Anthem ""Watan Hamaara Kashmir"(Kashmiri)"
Capital Jammu (summer),Srinagar (winter)
Largest city Srinagar
Other cities Leh,Gulmarg,Sonamarg,Pahalgam
  others Balti
  others Buddhism,Sikhism
Demonym Jammuwalla (Jammu),Kashmiri (Kashmir),Ladakhi (Ladakh)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Maharaja Karan Singh
  Royal house: Dogra
Prime Minister Farooq Abdullah
Established 1846
Independence from UK
  declared 1947
  recognized 1948
Currency Jammu and Kashmir Rupee
Organizations United Nations

Jammu and Kashmir,officially the Kingdom of Jammu and Kashmir is a monarchy in south Asia.

The ruling dynasty is of the Jamwal Rajput clan,traditional rulers of the region.They were previously vassals to the larger Sikh Empire but rebelled in support of the British.

For more than hundred years,the nation was under British protection as a princely state of British India.This was until 1947,when the whole of India was emancipated.

The war with Pakistan soon began.At this time,Jammu and Kashmir received one of its greatest leaders-General Sheikh Abdullah.Abdullah was previously in jail,but was released at the start of the war,and spread his influence.He became general in 1948,then leader of the National Conference in 1950,and eventually Prime Minister in 1952,the same year as Maharaja Hari Singh's abdication.

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