Janethios Christ is the female version of Jesus Christ.

Up to the year 1 B.C.E., this timeline follows ours until the moment of Christ's conception. At that moment, the timeline splits into two; one where Christ as we know him is born, another where Christ is born as Janethios, today known as Jane.

Jane Christ was born to Mary and Joseph, under exactly the same conditions as Jesus. As the years went on, however, Jane began preaching goodwill toward women, not men. As her life continued, she began announcing that she was the Messiah, sent down from "our Heavenly Mother above", until her crucifixion in 38 C.E. Because Christ and God are viewed as women, not men, many things changed, the most significant of them is the role reversal between men and women. Women now have the dominant role in society.

In the 1900's, women have the majority of jobs, men stay at home, cleaning and working around the house. Men cannot vote, and men are not seen as equal to women. In 1914, Francine Ferdinand is shot and killed by a terrorist group called "The Black Glove". World War One breaks out, and thousands of men, against their will, are sent out into the battlefield while women do the "important jobs", planning raids and sending hundreds of thousands souls to their deaths. WWI ends seven years later.

In 1935, a young man named Adolf Hitler is sentenced to five years in prison in Germany for "rallying against the government". He was reportedly forming his own political party, something forbidden to all men on the planet. Finally, in 1937, World War Two breaks out, and again, men are sent to their deaths. However, the Jewish Holocaust fails to begin as Hitler failed to gain any power within the government, and so the war ends with the overthrow of the Germans in France.

In 1945, men finally get the right to vote.

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