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OTL equivalent: Japan
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Japan
Located in Purple/Blue
(and largest city)
Other cities Kyoto, Sapporo, Hakodate, Kobe, Takaoka
Language Japanese
Religion Shintō, Buddhism, Zen Taoism
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
Emperor Hirohito
Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone
Currency Japanese yen

Japan is a nation in East Asia.


In 1970, Kazutomi Takayama released a manga, called Imperishable Night which featured Seiga Rokkaku (OTL Seiga Kaku) as the main character. Japan also officially apologised to China for the Second World War atrocities.

In 1971, Tatsunori Katsumata in Hyōgo Prefecture, established a new religion, called Zen Taoism, which is based mainly from Taoism, but adds some Shintoist characteristics, along with much focus on Shikaisen and Jiang Shi. Later, Kazutomi Takayama released the Imperishable Dawn manga; Seiga Rokkaku manages to run into a powerful Jinag Shi named Yoshika Miyako during her hunt and has a long challenging battle; eventually Yoshika is defeated and becomes a subordinate of Seiga, and an ofuda is put on Yoshika's forehead.

By mid year, an abandoned Alaskan ship had crashed into Kagoshima, Japan, caused several initial outbreaks. Shortly after the incident Prime Minister Eisaku Satō had Japan shut down everything, borders were closed, and Kagoshima Prefecture became quarantined and closed. The outbreak however continued to spread and Kagoshima fell to the zombies, and Kyūshū soon became closed down. The Self-Defence Forces begin using more tactics, such as burning down infected areas and blockading Kyūshū to attempt the outbreak from spreading. The Tōhōkai was re-established in Niigata Prefecture, with Tōshoku Karahashi becomes the leader of the revived party.

In 1976, the Zombie infection had been spotted in Kanazawa and believed to have spread from China. Following the event, Ishikawa Prefecture was shut down and quarantined and Self Defence Forces were sent there to prevent it from spreading. By 1981, the Self Defence Forces managed to clear Japan from the Zombies. Despite this, Kyushu and parts of Ishikawa Prefecture are still off limits at the time being. Later in 1983 the Republic of Kyushu was established as a vassal of Japan.

In 1983, a few Japanese travelled to Qui Nhon and soon established a colony called Miyako. Then in 1984, contact was made between the Japanese settlers and the Vietnamese government at Qui Nhon. Soon, many Vietnamese had flocked to the settlement looking for food and supplies, and demanded aid from the Japanese government. A few days later, several wealthy Japanese settlers in Qui Nhon begin employing Vietnamese labourers to work small farms and shops in the town, which later caused the Vietnamese (a large majority) to revolt against the Japanese. As a result several thousand dollars of manufactured goods are destroyed or stolen during the workers’ strike, and at least two dozen people are found dead. Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone aided the Vietnamese with supplies and also condemned the wealthy Japanese settlers who used the Vietnamese as labourers and ordered an arrest for said wealthy Japanese settlers.

In 1987, Tatsunori Katsumata released his first game in the Touhou Project series, Highly Responsive to Prayers. It went on to become popular in Japan.

In 1990, Russia invited Japan to join the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, in which Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone accepted. Later, in 1994, a few months after Takako Doi was elected prime Minister, held a referendum for having Japan leave CTSO and the ULN. The referendum was passed with a major support, and shortly afterwards, Japan left said organisations. Then in 1998, Japan left the Pacific Cooperative Organisation after another referendum.

In 1991, the colony of Miyako was officially annexed into Japan as an Autonomous Prefecture.

In 2001, Prime Minister Takako Doi discussed with Russia about the Kuril Islands Issue and a possible purchase of the southern Sakhalin Island. The result of the discussion was that Russia gave the Kuril Islands, along with all of Sakhalin Island, to Japan in exchange for allowing Russia to maintain cooperative military control and still have any naval bases located.

In 2002, Japan asked Korea and the Korean Chinese Confederacy about the Takeshima Island and Senkaku Islands dispute. After a discussion, Korea and Kochino agreed to recognise Takeshima and the Senkaku Islands as Japan.


The Japan Self-Defence Forces (自衛隊 Jieitai) was established after the Second World War. Up until now, the JSDF was confined to the islands of Japan and not permitted to be deployed abroad. However, with the recent fear of Chinese Expansion and the rise of Zombies in the West, the JSDF has been built up and been put on high alert.

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Prefectures of Japan

Prefecture Japanese Capital Region
Flag of Aichi Prefecture.svg Aichi 愛知県 Nagoya Chūbu
Flag of Akita Prefecture.svg Akita 秋田県 Akita Tōhoku
25px Aomori 青森県 Aomori Tōhoku
25px Chiba 千葉県 Chiba Kantō
Flag of Ehime Prefecture.svg Ehime 愛媛県 Matsuyama Shikoku
25px Fukui 福井県 Fukui Chūbu
Flag of Fukuoka Prefecture.svg Fukuoka 福岡県 Fukuoka Kyushu
25px Fukushima 福島県 Fukushima Tōhoku
25px Gifu 岐阜県 Gifu Chūbu
25px Gunma 群馬県 Maebashi Kantō
Flag of Hiroshima Prefecture.svg Hiroshima 広島県 Hiroshima Chūgoku
Flag of Hokkaido Prefecture.svg Hokkaido 北海道 Sapporo Hokkaido
Flag of Hyogo Prefecture.svg Hyōgo 兵庫県 Kobe Kansai
25px Ibaraki 茨城県 Mito Kantō
25px Ishikawa 石川県 Kanazawa Chūbu
25px Iwate 岩手県 Morioka Tōhoku
25px Kagawa 香川県 Takamatsu Shikoku
25px Kagoshima 鹿児島県 Kagoshima Kyushu
25px Kanagawa 神奈川県 Yokohama Kantō
Karafuto Flag.jpg Karafuto 樺太県 Toyohara Karafuto
Flag of Kochi Prefecture.svg Kōchi 高知県 Kōchi Shikoku
25px Kumamoto 熊本県 Kumamoto Kyushu
Flag of Kyoto Prefecture.svg Kyoto 京都府 Kyoto Kansai
25px Mie 三重県 Tsu Kansai
Flag of Miyagi Prefecture.svg Miyagi 宮城県 Sendai Tōhoku
25px Miyazaki 宮崎県 Miyazaki Kyushu
Flag of Nagano Prefecture.svg Nagano 長野県 Nagano Chūbu
25px Nagasaki 長崎県 Nagasaki Kyushu
25px Nara 奈良県 Nara Kansai
25px Niigata 新潟県 Niigata Chūbu
25px Ōita 大分県 Ōita Kyushu
25px Okayama 岡山県 Okayama Chūgoku
25px Okinawa 沖縄県 Naha Kyushu
25px Osaka 大阪府 Osaka Kansai
Flag of Saga Prefecture.svg Saga 佐賀県 Saga Kyushu
25px Saitama 埼玉県 Saitama Kantō
25px Shiga 滋賀県 Otsu Kansai
25px Shimane 島根県 Matsue Chūgoku
25px Shizuoka 静岡県 Shizuoka Chūbu
25px Tochigi 栃木県 Utsunomiya Kantō
25px Tokushima 徳島県 Tokushima Shikoku
Flag of Tokyo Prefecture.svg Tokyo 東京都 Shinjuku Kantō
25px Tottori 鳥取県 Tottori Chūgoku
25px Toyama 富山県 Toyama Chūbu
25px Wakayama 和歌山県 Wakayama Kansai
25px Yamagata 山形県 Yamagata Tōhoku
25px Yamaguchi 山口県 Yamaguchi Chūgoku
25px Yamanashi 山梨県 Kōfu Chūbu