Timeline: Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power
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Coat of arms
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Location in Purple
Official languages Japanese
Regional Languages Russian
Demonym Japanese
Religion Shintō, Buddhism, Taoism
Government Unitary Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy
 -  Empress Satomi Kobayashi
 -  Prime Minister Mononobe Junko (物部純子)
 -  National Foundation Day 11/2/-660 
 -  Unification of Japan 1575 
 -  Empire Proclaimed 1870 
 -  Meiji Constitution 1880 
 -   estimate ~143,950,000 
Currency Japanese Yen

The Japanese Empire is a nation in Asia and a Superpower.


Japan has a normal history up until 1538, when the Satomi and Ashikaga forces won the battle of Battle of Kōnodai. Soon, the Hōjō clan is defeated by 1545, and after that the Satomi clan went and conquered other clans and by 1575, Japan was unified under Satomi Yoshihiro. Then, in 1580, Japan went on a colonial expansion setting up colonies in Amazonia, Takamatsu, Africa, Oceania, and eventually, Europe. Beginning in the 1850s, Russia and Japan started to have conflicts over the Karafuto and Kuril Islands and then, in 1904, the Russian-Japanese war happened. Soon that war was won by Japan and Japan gained Kamchatka from Russia and other parts of Russia. Japan gained more land from Russia from the First World War as well, and after the Second World War Japan became one of the four superpowers. Japan (along with China and Korea) begun to have a cold war with the Soviet Union up until 1985 when the Soviet Union collapsed.

Japan is also an economic powerhouse and ranks Number One in economy, military, GDP, and a few other categories.


The Japan Railways Group, is one of the largest railways groups in the world, and has loads of tracks all across Japan. It is second to China Railways, which is the largest railways group in the world, while VR Finland is in third place.

JR is divided into fourteen operating companies and two other companies that do not provide rail service:

  • 25px Hokkaidō Railway Company
  • 25px East Japan Railway Company
  • 25px Central Japan Railway Company
  • 25px West Japan Railway Company
  • 25px Shikoku Railway Company
  • 25px Kyūshū Railway Company
  • Taiwan Railway Company
  • Far East Railway Company
  • Mindanao Railway Company
  • Luzon Railway Company
  • East Guinea Railway Company
  • West Guinea Railway Company
  • Visayas Railway Group
  • 25px Japan Freight Railway Company (Freight)
  • 25px Railway Technical Research Institute (Research organisation)
  • 25px Railway Information Systems (IT services)

Popular cities in Japan


See Prefectures of Japan.

The Prefectures of Japan are the country's 54 sub-national jurisdictions: two "metropolis", Tōkyō and Kōchi; one "circuit", Hokkaidō; two urban prefectures, Osaka and Kyoto; and 49 other prefectures.

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