Japan (Toyotomi)

Dainippon Teikoku
Empire of Japan
Official Language Japanese
Capital Kyôto
Emperor Tôfito
Quampaku ??
Currency Japanese Momme

The Empire of Japan (Dainippon Teikoku) is the central nation in the world-wide Federation of Japanese States (Wakokka Renmei). Japan is home of the Emperor, or Mikado, also called Tennô, who is the head of state of all Japanese Nations.

Japan is the largest nation on Earth. Extending from the Ryukyu Islands in the south up through the Japanese archipelago, and into the Kuril Islands and Karafuto Island, and then up onto the Asian mainland to include a vast area of northeastern Asia, from the Obu-Iruchixi (Ob-Irtysh in Russian) river eastwards, and into northwestern North America.

Japan is divided into several types of subdivisions. See Administrative divisions of Japan for more information.


The unit of currency in modern Japan is the momme, divided into 10 fun, each of which are divided into 10 rin. Historically, the momme was divided into 80 xen before decimalization.


  • 5 rin
  • 1 fun
  • 2 fun
  • 5 fun
  • 1 momme
  • 2 momme
  • 5 momme
  • 10 momme
  • 20 momme


  • 50 momme
  • 100 momme
  • 200 momme
  • 500 momme
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