Hawaii Occupied Territory
Hawai senryō-chi
Military occupation by the Empire of Japan
Eureka Flag.svg
1941 – 1946 Eureka Flag.svg
Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg Imperial Seal of Japan.svg
Flag Coat of arms
Capital Honolulu
Languages Japanese
Government Military occupation
 -  1941 – 1945 Hirohito
 - 1941 – 1942 Takashi Sakai
Masaichi Niimi
 - 1942 – 1944 Rensuke Isogai
 - 1944 – 1945 Hisakazu Tanaka
 - Battle of Hawaii 8–25 December 1941
 -  Surrender of Hawaii 25 December 1941
 - Surrender of Japan 15 August 1946
 -  Handover to the Cygnian Navy 30 August 1946
Currency Japanese military yen
Today part of Flag of Hawaii JoW Hawaii

The Japanese occupation of Hawaii (Hawaiian: Aupuni Kaua Iapani o Hawai'i) began on 25 December 1941 when the Governor of Hawaii, Joseph Poindexter, surrendered the Cygnian Crown Colony of Hawaii to the Empire of Japan. The Cygnians capitulated after 18 days of fierce fighting in the Battle of Hawaii between the Cygnian garrison and an overwhelming Japanese force. The occupation went on for four years and eight months, and ended upon the surrender of Japan in 1946.

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