Jaromar Viken (The Kalmar Union).png
King of Viken
Reign 23rd May, 1249 - 1st August, 1260
Predecessor Wizlaw I
Successor Wizlaw II
Prince of Rugia (as Jaromar II)
Reign 23rd May, 1249 - 1st August, 1260
Predecessor Wizlaw I
Successor Wizlaw II
Born 5th April, 1220
Oslo, Viken
Died 1st August, 1260
Tonsberg, Viken
Spouse Gundrada of Anglia
Issue Wizlaw II


Full name
Jaromar Wizlawsson
House Rugia
Father Wizlaw I
Mother Inge of Vejle

The eldest son of Wizlaw I, Jaromar proved a steady hand for Viken's restive nobles. A firm believer in the power of trade to provide wealth for his two lands he built on his father's reforms, making Stralsund a depot for Baltic trade.

Jaromar's rule was dedicated to the expansion of trade. His father had arranged his marriage to one of Charles II of Anglia's illegitimate daughters, Gundrada, not for a military alliance but for the right to trade freely with Anglia's booming ports. Not long after being confirmed as Viken's king the German city of Lübeck attacked Rugia, jealous of the mainland town of Stralsund's trading success. Ironically Wizlaw I had consciously copied Lübeck's charter when granting rights to merchants. The town was burnt down, leading to a four year war between Lübeck and Viken-Rugia. Lübeck's ships were captured and its sea-borne trade blockaded until the city capitulated and paid Jaromar compensation.

Evidently pleased that Viken's trade was now causing consternation amongst the German trading cities he extended 'Lübeck Rights' to further Vikene and Rugian towns.

In Jaromar may have been planning to attack Saaremaa to disrupt its own trading expansion, in a joint operation with his cousin Cnut II of Svealand however domestic problems would scupper all of his plans. In the summer of 1260 a peasant revolt erupted in Viken, and whilst suppressing it Jaromar was stabbed, apparently by a peasant woman. He would be succeeded by his eldest son Wizlaw II.

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