Alternative History
Jean-Pierre Dubois
Order 2nd Unitary President of the Federation
Term of Office March 1, 1997-
Date of birth 1940
Place of birth
Party Centralist

Jean-Pierre Dubois (1940- ) is the current President of the Federation of Texas. He was elected in 1997, succeeding his brother Georges-Herman Dubois, and re-elected in 2002 and 2007.

President Dubois is a strong believer in national unity and is suspicious of states' rights. In 2003, he famously advocated the abolition of the state governments, with the province level being the primary subdivision of the Republic. This caused major damage to the Centralist party, though Dubois himself has since recovered some of his popularity.

Relations with Mexico

Dubois has long been suspicious of Mexico, and has advocated the invasion of Mexico to liberate the Caribbean and Central American provinces, and to bring democracy to the Empire. After the death of Emperor Ángel II and the ascension of Agustín IV in 2003, his anti-Mexican rhetoric grew stronger. He has repeatedly requested authorization from the League of North American States for an invasion of Mexico.

Preceded by:
Georges-Herman Dubois
President of Texas
Succeeded by: