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Republic of Jefferson
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Proposed state of Jefferson:
southern Oregon and northern California
Jefferson state flag Seal of Jefferson (proposed)
Flag of Jefferson Seal of Jefferson
State of Jefferson svg
Darker areas show the State of Jefferson, as proposed by Gilbert Gable in 1941. Current extent in light red.
Capital Yreka
Largest city Redding
Language English
Government Constitutional presidential republic
Area 169,759 km2

The Republic of Jefferson, also known as Jefferson State or simply Jefferson, is a constitutional presidential republic located in the former states of California and Oregon. The capital of Jefferson is located in the city of Yreka, while its largest city is Redding.

The Republic of Jefferson was formed on 1 December 1941 after an agreement was reached with the Republic of Oregon to the north. Since then the Republic of Jefferson has retained strong diplomatic relations with the Republic of Oregon, becoming one of the founding members of the Cascadia Alliance, a supranational organization of states located in the American northwest. The nation of Jefferson is one of the few fledgling republics located on the west coast of the former United States, disconnected from the American successor state, known as the Provisional United States.



The State of Jefferson was first proposed by Gilbert Gable, mayor of Port Oxford, Oregon in October of 1941. He believed that by forming an independent state in the region he would be able to consolidate control over the region and better manage the many survivor communities in the area.

By November the idea had caught on and several communities in northern California and Oregon agreed to a possible union, with a constitutional presidential republic government similar to the former United States. By this time the Oregon counties of Curry, Josephine, Jackson, and Klamath, and the California counties of Del Norte, Siskiyou and Modoc had pledged allegiance to this new state.

A constitution began to be drafted in the city of Yreka, Jefferson's future capital. Of those present included Gilbert Gable of Curry, John C. Child of Yreka, and several other politicians from around the area. Concurrently communications were opened up with the Republic of Oregon to the north. Oregon, although possessing almost no administrative power in the region, claimed several parts of Jefferson, and was asked to recognize the Republic of Jefferson's sovereignty.

On November 27, 1941, with talks stalling, a group of young men brandishing hunting rifles and other weapons, stopped all traffic along routes toward Salem. The group, billed as the Army of Jefferson, handed out copies of the Jefferson Constitution, and stopped trade going into Oregon.

Finally on 1 December 1941 the Republic of Oregon relinquished its claims to southern Oregon, believing that the independent state of Jefferson would be more beneficial to the local population, to which Oregon had little control over. The next day founding father Gilbert Gables passed away, less than twentyfour hours after the historic moment.

Early History

Word of the new republic reached all across northern California and Oregon. Elections were scheduled to take place on election day of 1942, giving the new nation enough time to consolidate control over the entire state. Following the death of Gables the nation was without one of its founding fathers, leaving Childs and others to pursue a political career instead.

In the meantime the Republic of Jefferson was ruled by a provisional council, making basic decisions for the state until the first elections could take place. One of the first actions undertaken by the council was the creation of a military to protect its citizens. The Army of Jefferson was founded on January 1, 1942 and originally consisted of 3000 volunteers, organized into ten battalions of 100 men each. The army would be trained by former National Guard and United States military personnel living in the area, who volunteered over the next few months and were appointed to officer ranks.

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