Alternative History

The Jefferson Nationalists are a political party in the Municipal States of the Pacific who want to form a strong central government to replace to current loose confederation of city-states.

Seal of Jefferson (proposed)


They are disliked in the larger cities because they would take power away from the leaders of those towns who currently dominate the league. There are many sympathizers in the smaller cities who feel cheated by the larger cities who have significant influence. They have also found an ally in the Committee to Restore the United States of America, who also supports the goal in creating a strong central government for the MSP.

History and Founding[]

The organization was founded on the idea of the State of Jefferson that was proposed in 1941. The organization was founded by John Quin, the mayor of Port Orford in early 2007.

Proposed state[]

Some Jefferson Nationalists have proposed renaming the MSP as the Republic of Jefferson once they implement the changes in government they seek.

Notable Members[]

  • John Quin: founding member and mayor of Port Orford.