Alternative History

On January 8th 1935 Gladys Presley gives birth to identical twin boys, Jesse and Elvis Presley, both boys are healthy.

The twins grew up in Mississippi and moved to Tennessee in 1948. they took part in their first singing contest at the age of 10 yrs old. Elvis showed a great talent for playing musical instruments, in particular the guitar, where as Jesse was an excellent singer with almost perfect pitch. however when singing with his brother everyone who heard them said that they sang like angels.

Due to their singing skills they were in great demand to sing at the local gosple churchs and at weddings, christings and even funerals. at the age of 18 they started a band that they would advertise all over Tennessee.

on the 18th of July 1953 the Presley Brothers went to Sun Records to record some songs that Elvis had written. The boss of Sun Records Sam Phillips heard the recording and signed the brothers.

after playing many bars, clubs and selling plenty of single records their first album was released in early 1956. it sold beyond the boys expectations.