Jewish Hitler

What if Hitler, funded by his Jewish grandfather's family had passed the entrance exam in Vienna? Please note that the opinions expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of the author(s).

October 8, 1907

On this day, the Academy for Art in Vienna passed the entrace examination of Adolf Schicklegruber, later to emerge as one of the leading watercolour painters of the early to mid twentieth century.
He was a bastard's son from Braunua-am-Inn in the Innviertel region of Upper Austria. His grandmother Maria Anna Schickelgruber conceived his father Alois out of wedlock with her Jewish employer, a tobacco merchant called Frankenburger whom she served as a cook and maid. Discrete funding from his paternal grandfather's family permitted Schicklegruber to pursue the study of fine arts in the Austrian capital.
The debt would be repaid. During the late nineteen-forties, Prime Minister David Green commissioned a set of watercolours to commemorate the creation of the State of Israel. Today, these priceless items hang in the Knesset, a living symbol of the attainment of the summit of human achievement following difficult and inauspicious beginnings.

December 5, 1930
225px-Albert Speer Neurenberg

On this day, in Berlin the German architect Albert Speer was introduced to the Bohemian watercolour painter, Adolf Schicklegruber.

A Jewish bastard's son, Schicklegruber had arrived in the city accompanied by other enlightened individuals who also sought to disrupt a political rally organized by the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Afterwards, at a coffee shop the conversation naturally turned to the popular desire to restore the glory of Germany.

A shared interest in architecture provided the common language necessary to nurture the original concept of "Germania". Developed over the next three years, this classical vision of a miniature city based on the grandeur of Rome would later be adopted as the model for the 1936 Olympic Village in Berlin.

On the eve of World War Two, Schicklegruber would paint a memorable watercolour of the African-American athlete Jesse Owens proudly wearing his gold medals in front of the "Great Hall".

April 27, 1945

On this day, a four-engine Junkers JU-290A model aircraft secretly departed from the private airfield at Hoersching located in Linz-Land, Upper Austria. On-board was the Jewish watercolour painter, Adolf Schicklegruber, fleeing from Central Europe in order to avoid the long arm of Heinrich Himmler's "Nazi Justice" And the flight plan executed by forty-eight year old pilot Hans Bauer was devised to safely transport the "Schicklegruber Party" to Barcelona.

Because representatives of the Socialist Government had been dispatched from Madrid with instructions to organize political asylum for the party prior to their onward voyage to South America.

Fellow Bohemian Eric Arthur Blair (popularly known as the author George Orwell) was also at the airport to meet Schicklegruber. Still wearing his own pencil thin moustache, the author was somewhat surprised to see a large "butt" on his friend's upper lip. Previously this imperfection had been hidden by trademark whiskers which had been recently removed in order to avoid capture whilst crossing the Austrian border.

Blair had in fact travelled the short distance from his Catalan home at Huesca where had had lived since recovering from being shot in the throat during the Spanish Civil War. Musing upon their brushes with death at the hands of the Fascists, the conversation naturally turned to the dangerous political situation in Central Europe.

The fusion of their ideas initiated the creative development of the political novel Nineteen Forty-Eight, in which Orwell projected his Civil War experiences into a dystopian future. A quite conceivable future, in fact in which the Fascist Forces that had been defeated in Spain gained the mastery of Europe under "Big Brother", a thinly disguised reference to Heinrich Himmler.

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