President James Marshall Hendrix
Order: 43rd President of the United States
President from: January 20 1997-January 20, 2005
Vice President: Bob Dole(first term) John McCain(second term)
Preceded by: William Jefferson Clinton
Succeeded by: John McCain
Born: November 7, 1942
Seattle, Washington
Political Party: Republican
Spouse: Monika Dannemann
religion: Methodism

Early Life

Music Career & Rehab

After surviving a massive overdose in a flat in London, Hendrix decides to get off drugs for good. He cuts his tour short and enters a Swiss rehab clinic. Within 2 years, Hendrix is clean and he wonders what to do.

Entrance into politics

After leaving rehab, Hendrix returned to America. By chance, Ron Paul was giving a speech at the hotel Hendrix was staying in. He entered the wrong hotel room and met Ron Paul. After the speech Ron Paul suggested Hendrix get a new line of work, and it was a conversation that changed Hendrix's thinking forever. It was also the place where he proposed to Monika.

Governor for Nevada

Hendrix went to Nevada where he ran for governor on a GOP platform.

Senator from Nevada

Speaker of the House

Presidential campaign 1996

  • Hendrix's campaign used a combination of Mainstream media and the growing internet to connect with the disaffected youth of America. When the election results came in, Hendrix had defeated Clinton.

First Term

  • Hendrix's first term was marked by the Balkans. There were reports of genocide and he famously said "the US cannot sit idly and allow this **** to happen because of memories of Vietnam". The US immediately sent soldiers to quell the genocide.
  • The American borders defense act, a massive border wall from California to Texas was approved, but each segment was to be administered by the National Guard of whatever state the wall's segments were in.
  • Gun Control became a LOT weaker under the Constitution Act, which repealed all Gun Control laws and any legislation that would be deemed unconstitutional (including the Federal Reserve act) and withdrew from NAFTA, causing it to fall apart in days. But the USA still kept in the UN, mainly because of its major role in the world.
  • NASA is allocated additional funding for a Martian journey by 2012.
  • By the end of his first term, the US had a massive surplus that surpassed anything else in history.

Second Term

  • After Bob Dole withdrew from the ticket, John McCain was selected to be the running mate.
  • With nuclear proliferation fears growing, the groundwork for a missile defense shield was laid.
  • After the 9/11 failure with the suspects links to Saudi Arabia, Hendrix turns to Mexico and other regions of Latin America for oil in exchange for development projects.
  • Hendrix also declares a boycott of Saudi oil and funds renewable fuels with a target of 20% of energy being renewable.
  • Bin laden was captured after the failed Sept, 11, 2001 attacks
  • Funding for companies to encourage growth in the IT sector was increased.
  • Puerto Rico was admitted as the 51st State in the Union (to be admitted in 2005)
  • Iraq was invaded with unilateral support by NATO forces after VX nerve gas was confirmed to have been used. While Iraq was being Stabilised, Hendrix said his successor will have the onus of reconstructing these countries.
  • With the help of Alvaro Uribe, the US were able to begin Plan Colombia, which is considered a turning point in the War on Drugs.

Post Presidency

2007 - Hendrix took tours of Iraq, Venezuela and Afghanistan to assess their progess. He said that they were recovering very well. he caused a minor uproar by saying "the occupation of these countries is not unlike the occupation of Germany, Japan and Italy".


Hendrix often had guitarists over at the White House for jamming sessions. For his re-election party, he had famously played the entire album of Electric Ladyland with Eric Clapton and Mike Huckabee.

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