John Edwards
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John Edwards official Senate photo portrait
Portrait of John Edwards

24th President of the Confederate States

Predecessor Bob Barr
Successor Stephen Colbert
Vice President Stephen Colbert
Born June 10,1953
Seneca, South Carolina, CSA
Political Party Liberal
Profession Lawyer, Author, Politician

Johnny Reid "John" Edwards (born June 10, 1953) is a former Liberal Party Senator from North Carolina and 24th President of the Confederate States of America (2000-2006).

Sometimes called the "New LBJ," Edwards' own "War on Poverty" proved to be an immense success as Confederate poverty levels dropped to all-time lows during his administration, although there was only a slight drop in 2005, after Tropical Storm Katrina caused some moderate damage to New Orleans.

In addition to lowering poverty levels, Edwards managed to pass legislation that seems to have drastically lowered health care costs; he has created 1,000,000 new jobs thanks to major advances in wind and solar energy, as a result of policies that began in the 80s,during the Pickens administration, and he has for the most part maintained a healthy relationship with the United States, despite the ongoing war in South America.

However, it seems his presidency is not without some controversy. In 2005 a story broke alleging Edwards had an affair with one of his staff members, although initially Edwards claimed, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!" he later recanted and admitted that after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 he did briefly confide in the woman, but he had since called it off.

After his wife beat her cancer she did, at least, publicly forgive her husband for the affair. However, some of Edwards opponents were not so forgiving and sought to have him impeached. Such proceedings never did occur, however, and despite the controversy Edwards still left office with the highest approval rating of any Confederate President, paving the way for former running mate Stephen Colbert who won handily in the 2005 Confederate States Presidential Election.

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