John Havelock
Timeline: The Kalmar Union

John Havelock
Portrait of John Havelock

Born 5th April 1982
Hartlepool, Anglia
Profession Actor

The heart-throb of Anglian films, John Havelock, has packed a long list of films into his short career on screen.

Originally trained for the theatre John was encouraged to try his luck in the film industry after, as the story goes, he wandered into an audition by accident and impressed the then boss of Ryhope Studios, Gustave Williamson.

Mostly famous for his portrayals of dashing young gentlemen (often with a beautiful woman in tow) he has steadily proved his worth to Ryhope Studios. He is certainly the best paid actor in Anglia currently. Attempts to write or direct his own films were shelved after the relative failure of The Ace.


  • The Lady of the Roses (2007) - Courtier
  • Twenty-Three (2008) - Policeman
  • Wild Poppy (2008) - Stephen
  • Almost There (2008) - Charles
  • The Burglar (2009) - Thomas
  • Octavia (2009) - Harold
  • The Poisoner (2009) - Thomas
  • Golden Girl (2009) - Edgar
  • A Woman of Lincoln (2010) - Bertram
  • The Red Envelope (2010) - Arthur
  • Head over Heels (2011) - Gustave
  • Farewell to Thee (2011) - Arnold
  • A Trumpet at Dawn (2012) - Captain William
  • The Red and the White (2012) - Robert
  • The Four Grenadiers (2012) - John
  • The Ace (2013) - Henry
  • Ianthe (2013) - Christian

While the public and critics alike have fawned over his role in Ianthe, his own personal favourite film is A Trumpet at Dawn.

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