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John Nance Garner
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John Nance Garner
Portrait of John Nance Garner

14th President of the Confederate States

Predecessor Huey Long
Successor Cordell Hull
Vice President Cordell Hull

14th Vice President of the Confederate States

Successor Cordell Hull

16th Speaker of the Confederate States House of Representatives

Born November 22, 1868
Detroit, Texas, CSA
Died November 7, 1967
Political Party Democrat
Profession Lawyer and Politician

John Nance Garner IV (November 22, 1868 - November 7, 1967) nicknamed Cactus Jack for his brashness as well as for his efforts to name the prickly pear cactus the Texas state flower while serving in the Texas State House of Representatives; Garner was the 16th Speaker of the Confederate States House of Representatives, 14th Vice President of the confederate States, and 14th President of the Confederate States.

Despite being an early supporter of President Long's Fair Share policies "Cactus Jack" was not the liberal that predecessor Huey Long was. Garner saw himself as the champion of the traditional Democratic Party establishment which often clashed with supporters of Long's Fair Share policies.

As president, Garner intended to scale down President Long's progressive taxes and cut government spending in an effort to balance the budget; however, with the start of the Great World War early on during his presidency he had to abandon much of these plans and, in fact, was forced to increase defense spending.