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In 1863, General Braxton Bragg falls ill. As a replacement, Joe Johnston is placed at the helm of the Army of Tennessee, much earlier than in OTL. The defeat at Chickamauga was much larger for the Confederacy, and pursued Rosecrans to Chattanooga, securing the city. the remainders of the regiments left in the area are sent to hold Chattanooga While sending people to defend Knoxville alongside Samuel P Carter. Grant leads his army toward Chattanooga alongside Hooker and Sherman. The regiments heading toward Knoxville is sent to cut off Grant's only supply line.  With most of the forces in the area now at Chattanooga, the month long campaign would result in the confederates retaining control of the city.

With Sherman's men captured at Chattanooga, the Atlanta campaign is prevented. Johnson's Army of the Tennessee begins marching west to attempt to retake towns on the Mississippi, a campaign which would fail but drain men and patience from the North. By November of 1864, both Atlanta and Richmond are under Confederate hands, people in the Union states begin to get weary of the now four-year long war. With the amount of strategic failures, Lincoln's popularity drops, and loses an election by four electoral votes. The pro-peace democrats would negotiate a ceasefire with the Confederates, known as the Treaty of Philadelphia. Realizing the United States has lost, Britain and France recognize the new nation. Note: The POD is NOT completely fleshed out.

Welcome to Johnston's Tennessee, a TL that will follow the Confederate States of America through its times of great hardship, as well as how its existence changes the landscape of Europe and the rest of the world.

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