Alternative History

The Adventures of KGB Agent Zhukov.

  • 1964
    • LBJ honors JFK's legacy by agreeing to hold free elections in Vietnam.
  • 1965
    • The UN supervises elections in both North and South Vietnam, the Communists triumph, humiliating the USA, NATO weakens as France pulls out.
  • 1968
    • Barry Goldwater and VP Reagan sweep to power and promise drastic changes, troops sent to bolster military dictatorships in Latin America and the Middle East.
  • 1972
    • Reagan orders an invasion of Saudi Arabia to unseat revolutionary government, world shocked.
  • 1972-1985
    • Al-Qaddafi backs rebels in Saudi Arabia through terrorist activities, his Islamic communism is supported by the USSR.
  • 1980s
    • US economy in turmoil, race riots after Goldwater/Reagan repeal Civil Rights Act.
  • 1984
    • Jimmy Carter elected president, begins détente and openness with the USSR.
  • 1989
    • Tokyo Massacre; Japanese forces massacred Communist protesters in Tokyo.
  • 1991
    • The CSA secedes from the USA, President Dukakis takes no action.
    • The People's Republic of Texas and the United Communes of Texas follow in succession.
    • USA-armed Shah of Iran invades and occupies Iraq.
    • International alliance of twenty-seven nations, including East Germany, the USSR, China and North Korea defend Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
    • Operation Red Fist; allied nations liberate Iraq and impose sanctions on Iran.
  • 1999
    • Kursk submarine sunk by Al-Qaddafi's terrorists, off the coast of Yemen.
  • June 22nd, 2001
    • Al-Qaddafi's terrorists bomb Leningrad and Moscow.
  • 2001
    • International coalition invades Libya, Al-Qaddafi escapes.
  • 2002
    • The USSR calls South Korea, Iran and Pakistan "Anticomintern Pact of Evil".
  • 2003
    • The USSR invades Iran, claiming it supplied Libya with weapons. Many communist nations, including China, refuse to aid the USSR in her invasion, Iraq refuses to allow Soviet troops to be stationed and the USSR invades from Central Asia and Afghanistan.