Ingrid 'Kasja' Noren
Timeline: The Kalmar Union

Ingrid 'Kasja' Noren
Portrait of Ingrid 'Kasja' Noren

Born 12 September 1993
Växjö, Gothenland
Profession Actress

Ingrid 'Kasja' Noren is a Gothenland-born actress resident and working in Álengiamark. She is most famous for portraying Queen Elisiv in the 2013 film of the same name.

Kasja's family moved from Växjö in Gothenland in 2006 to join their cousins who had a farm in Nanticokeland Fylke.

The boss and chief director of AY Studios, Mats Nilsson, announced in 2012 that the studio would dramatically expand production, switching in the long term from shorts to multi-reel films in a genre he has termed historical-romance. The first in this new series was Queen Elisiv. Casting for a suitable lead for his new picture Mats Nilsson wanted a young, fiesty and attractive girl and one who 'did not look uncomfortable on horseback'. Many aspiring actresses auditioned for the role but Nilsson only found his leading lady when he happened to be driven past the Noren family farm where Kasja was riding.

While funds and backers were secured for the ambitious film Kajsa featured in several shorts. Critics have called her peformance in Queen Elisiv 'incandescent'.


  • Murdan ap biskup Sigurgeir (The Assassination of Bishop Sigurgeir) (2012) - Uncredited
  • Kungas Vehnån (The King of Wheat) (2012) - Farmer's Daughter
  • Tuídpaistan (The Moonshiners) (2012) - Survi
  • Midmennt (Downtown) (2012) - Shop Girl
  • Lambi (The Lamb) (2012) - Iiris
  • Miscott Elisiv (Queen Elisiv) (2013) - Queen Elisiv
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