Karl II
King of Gothenland
Reign March, 1210 - 6th June, 1244
Predecessor Sverker II
Successor Karl III
Born 1182
Kalmar, Gothenland
Died 6th June, 1244
Jönköping, Gothenland
Spouse Ingegerd of Bjelbo
Issue Brigida Karlsdotter

Karl III Karlsson
Benedicta Karlsdotter

Full name
Karl Sverkersson
House Sverker
Father Sverker II
Mother Sigrid Johansdotter

Karl II ruled Gothenland during the early 13th century. His reign would begin to shift Gothenland's priorities; away from Svealand and across the Baltic instead.

His father was preparing a campaign against Svealand when he died suddenly in 1210. The papacy had recently approved Sverker II's claim to the Svealandic throne but initial attacks had been rebuffed by the reigning John I. Karl took it upon himself to go through with the plans for the 1210 campaign however he was apparently counselled not to. The funeral of Sverker disrupted the timetable and several lords withheld their services as they waited for papal legitimacy once more. This fatally damaged the campaign and John I won easily once more at the Battle of Tidan.

While any pretense of claim to the Svealandic throne was ended by this battle it would be further blunted by the alliance of Svealand and Viken which occurred following the succession of Karin. Despite Denmark's friendship many in Gothenland now felt threatened and surrounded. Seeking an outlet, Karl strengthened the Gothenlandic hold over the island of Gotland, citing Svealandic interference, whilst increasing the size and power of the navy. The Gothenlandic navy as an institution dates itself from the foundation of a dedicated shipbuilding space on the Bråviken in 1217. He also authorised many of his lords to crusade in Prussia leading to the capture or creation of several fortresses along the Prussian coast. This stirred up rivalry with the Teutonic Order whom assumed they had a monopoly over crusading in the region and opened a useful channel with various Polish dukes who frequently employed Gothenlanders against the German crusaders or others.

In 1241 at the request of Duke Henry II of Silesia a large Gothenlandic force nominally campaigning in Prussia was diverted southwards to attempt to stop the Mongol horde. The Danish/Gothenlandic/Sorbian force would be defeated at Legnica but the Mongols were sufficiently mauled to hesitate venturing further into Bohemia.

Karl II would die in 1244 and was succeeded by his son Karl.

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