Karl V
King of Gothenland
Reign 30th September, 1331 - 2nd February, 1339
Predecessor John III
Successor Premyslas
Born 8th July, 1318
Jönköping, Gothenland
Died 2nd February, 1339
Visby, Gothenland
Full name
Karl Janssen
House Piast
Father John III
Mother Sophia

Reigning for eight years, mostly as a minor, Karl V had little direct involvement in the shape and direction Gothenland was taking and in fact its foreign activities were purely the result of outside influence.

In 1330 Cnut VII finally 'paid off' the debt Denmark owed to the Papacy and began campaigning in Pomerania once more. John III had been constrained by his nobility in the final years of his reign but the resumption of Danish activity gave the Gothenlanders a renewed sense of purpose. This was especially timely as Wladyslaw I of Poland was facing defeat in the 2nd Polish-Teutonic War. Convincing the Gothenlanders to fight on their side for once, Poland paid for several seasons of campaigning, which resulted in the re-capture of Gdansk (John III had held this in 1326-27 only to trade it to the Knights for Swiecie). Wladyslaw's son Casimir III would therefore begin his reign in 1333 with a peace treaty. Gothenland demanded Gdansk which was refused, but it had retaken the island/peninsula town of Hel which it refused to give up, and indeed, would soon be turned into a formidable fortress. The ownership of Swiecie, previously woolly, was reconfirmed and Karl was given the title of 'Duke of Swiecie'.

Meanwhile to the North Olaf III of Viken had begun his stellar reign by attacking Svealand. The nobles of Gothenland's border regions had their own issues with the incumbant Svealandic king Carl I and the Riksdag authorised assisting Olaf in his aims. The invasion was a success, Olaf was recognised as Carl I's heir and, when he did succeed in 1337, he would hand Värmland to Gothenland as thanks. Whilst certainly a immense immediate success for Gothenland this action would mean Gothenland was now permanently eclipsed in Scandinavia. Denmark, Viken and Svealand would soon be united under one crown leaving Gothenland overshadowed and vunerable.

Karl himself would campaign with Olaf in Svealand when he came of age, helping him defeat the last claimants from the House of Eric but soon turned his attention to the continent. 1338 would be spent campaigning against Pomerania alongside Danish interests. In 1339 he turned to invading Poland once more, supposedly on Casimir III's behalf against rebellious Baltic lords but in actuality a concerted effort to grab the coastline.

Karl was paid off by Polish agents in late 1339 and wintered in Gotland where he would die. His younger brother Premyslas would succeed.

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