The Empire of the Keltoi
Keltoic Empire
13-666 AD
Keltoic Empire Map 2.0.png
Map of the Keltoic Empire after Ambactoismos
Capital Nouio
Languages Gaulish language
Religion Wodanismos
Government Monarchy
Historical Era Era Two
 •  Keltoic Unification War 13 BC
 •  Keltoic Civil War 666 AD
 •  600 AD est. 900,000 
Currency Celtar

The Keltoic Empire, also widely known as Keltoia, or less often Nouio, was a powerful and influential empire in Keltoia. For most of its history it was an influential state, mostly gaining its power through trade with the Senone and Carthage, as well as the Germanic tribes. Until the 4th Centry, the Keltoi would largely be aligned with the Christian states, as result of their war in Iberia. However, with the introduction of Wodanismos in the 4th and fifth century, the Keltoi would fall more in line with the other European nations, eventually finding themselves fighting their former allies during the first crusade.

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