Alternative History
State of Kimberley
[[File:|125px|border||Flag of Kimberley]] [[File:|85px||Coat of arms of Kimberley]]
Flag Coat of arms
Nickname(s): The Pearl State
Official language(s) English
Demonym Kimberlian
(and largest city)
Area Ranked 9th
 – Total 423,517 km2
Population Ranked 17th
 – Total 583,590
Admission to Federation 19 September 1820 (8th)
Governor Edward McAllister
Premier Graham Olsson (L)
Legislature Parliament
House delegation List
Time zone Western Standard Time (UTC +8)
Abbreviations KI
Internet TLD .ki

Kimberley, officially the State of Kimberley, is a Cygnian state in the north of the Cygnian mainland. It is bordered to the south by Pilbara and to the east by Darwin. It also has a northern coastline, with the Indian Ocean lying beyond it. Kimberley has a population of around 583,590, with almost all resident in the capital of Broome.