Alternative History

The turning point in this alternate timeline starts when Queen Mary of England becomes pregnant in 1554 with King Philip II of Spain's child.


1555- July 19, queen Mary gives birth to a son, she names him Henry shorty before dying, Henry becomes King Henry IX Almost immediately. His father, Philip of Spain acting as his regent and de facto ruler of England.

1556- Philip persuades Charles V to abdicate his Austrian possessions to Henry IX as a way of strengthening the infant king's legitimacy, Philip is also crowned king of Spain after his father's abdication. Charles's brother Ferdinand objects to this but remains king of Bohemia.

1557- The Sovereignty Rebellion breaks out England as several Catholic Supporters of the monarchy conspire with protestants to overthrow Henry IX. Philip II sends the Duke of Alva to England with 12,000 spanish troops to crush the rebellion. Mary Queen of Scots also lends assistance leading to the failure of the rebellion. The Duke of Alva becomes regent of all of Henry IX's domains.

1558- Charles V dies and Holy Roman Empire's Prince-Electors refuse to elect a 4 year old Henry IX Holy Roman Emperor and instead elect his great uncle Ferdinand

1564- Ferdinand dies, his son Maximilian is elected Maximilian II Holy Roman Emperor.

1568- Philip II's first son Charles dies leaving Henry IX heir to all of the domains of the Spanish empire. The Dutch Revolt begins, a force of English and Spanish troops is sent to occupy the rebellious Low Countries.

1571- Maximilian II Holy Roman Emperor dies and the Price-Electors concede to have Henry elected as Henry VIII Holy Roman Emperor.

1575- Henry IX comes of age begins his rule in earnest as Henry IX King of England, Ireland and France as well as archduke of Austria and Holy Roman Emperor and king of Bohemia and Hungary.

1578- Henry IX marries Mary I of scotland after she is deposed and offers to help her recover her throne.

1579- Queen Mary's war begins against Scotland, Philip II sends spanish troops to support the English.

1580- Henry IX's son, William, is born. Philip II is crowned king of Portugal as a result of the Portuguese dynastic crisis.

1581- Queen Mary's war ends, James IV of Scotland has to be sent into exile for his collaboration with the nobles who overthrew his mother. Henry's son William is instead crowned William II of Scotland

1582- James IV formerly king of Scotland dies in exile and his mother Mary I is grief stricken, she dies later that year

1583- Henry IX marries Anna Vasa of Sweden

1585- Henry IX authorizes the settlement an English colony in Virginia, with Spanish assistance, the colony is soon thriving.

1587- The English inquisition ends after is determined that protestantism has been thoroughly stamped out in both England and Scotland

1590- Henry IX assists his father and declares war on France

1593- Henry IV of France converts to Catholicism, he receives significant support from Henry IX of england in what would become known as "the war of the four Henrys" Philip objects to his son's support of Henry IV leading to a divide between them

1595- Henry IX negotiates peace between Henry IV and Philip II hoping to ensure their corporation in his goal of Catholicizing Europe 1598- Philip II of Spain dies leaving all of his vast possessions to Henry, who is now King of the entire Catholic world except France and a few other exceptions

1602- Henry's son William marries Ksebia Godunova of Russa

1605- The Hapsburgs are drawn into Polish-Muscovite war to Defend Henry IX's son's claim to the Russian throne through his marriage Ksenia Godunova against the Poland-Lithuania which supports the claims of False Dmitry II an impostor who claims the Russian throne

1610- Henry IV is assassinated ending the detent between France and the Hapsburg domains

1612- The Polish-Moscovite war ends with Polish defeat and significant territorial concessions to the Hapsburgs. it secures Henry's son as Czar of Russia

1617- Henry IX is elected crown price of Bohemia to replace his distant cousin Matyas, who has no heirs this causes significant protest from the protestant population of Bohemia

1618- The Bohemian revolt begins, resulting in what will be known as the fifteen years war as the protestant states of the holy roman empire declare war on the hapsburgs

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