Kingdom of Bohemia (English)
České království (Czech)
Königreich Böhmen (German)
Regnum Bohemiae (Latin)
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Bohemia
Přemyslovci erb 1198 - Present
Flag of Bohemia.svg Znak českého království.png
Coat of arms
Kingdom of Bohemia during the Hussite Wars.jpg
Lands of the Bohemian Crown
Official languages Czech, Latin, German
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Monarchy
 -  Monarch Vladimir Kliment

The Kingdom of Bohemia (Czech: České království; German: Königreich Böhmen; Latin: Regnum Bohemiae) is a kingdom and state of the Holy Roman Empire located in the region of Bohemia in Central Europe. It King of Bohemia is also a Prince-Elector of the empire. Many Kings of Bohemia were also elected Holy Roman Emperors, making its capital Prague effectively the center of the Holy Roman Empire in the late 14th century. Following the marriage of Albert II of Germany, Holy Roman Empire and Archduke of the Archduchy of Austria and Elisabeth, ruler of the kingdom as the daughter of Charles IV, the kingdom was continuously ruled by the House of Habsburg. In 1659 Vladimir Kliment become king of the nation.

The Bohemian monarchy was stable until 1735, when a famine leads to a revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy.

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