Alternative History

Kingdom of Bosnia
January 17, 1887–March 30, 1899


Capital Sarajevo
Government Unitary parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
King Nicholas II
 •  Established January 17, 1887
 •  Disestablished March 30, 1899

The Kingdom of Bosnia was an independent state between 1887 until it's absorption into Austria-Hungary after a brief civil war in 1899. It was known as "Russian Bosnia" or "Little Russia" due to the heavy Russian influence the state was under.


The Bosnian Rebellion of 1886 started on July 17 when a force of Nationalist Bosnians occupied Sarajevo. While the Austro-Hungarians were trying to assess the situation and get forces down the Bosnians reached out to the Russian Empire to negotiate support. The Russian would provide military if the Bosnians would accept Niko Dadiani as King. After some talking between the Bosnians Independence Factions they accepted. The Russian and Bosnian forces managed to take the Bosnian territory and set up defensive trench lines along the Una river.

After many failed attempts at breaking the Bosnian lines the Austro-Hungarians gave up and accepted Nicholas as King of Bosnia. Nicholas took over an extremely divided state both ethnically, Politically and religiously which made his health take a turn for the worse.

On March 20, 1899 a Bosnian Anarchist, allegedly supported by Austria-Hungary shot Nicholas during a public outing, although not normally a fatal shot but due to his health being on the decline for a decade it made his body weak and he passed away a week later. Nicholas didn't have any children so a half of the government tried to find a successor whilst the other half negotiated an amicable deal with the Habsburgs where they kept a parliament and autonomy. The treaty was finalized on March 30th 1899.