Kingdom of Burgundy
Koninkrijk Bourgondië
Kinnekräich Bourgogne
Regnum Burgundiae
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Duchy of Burgundy
. Ancient Flag of Burgundy 1464 - Present
Flag of Luxembourg (TONK).png Arms of the Duke of Burgundy since 1430.svg
Coat of arms
(and city)
Official languages Burgundian, Dutch
Regional Languages German, French
Religion Roman Catholic
Demonym Burgundian
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
 -  King Willam II
Legislature Estates General
 -  Treaty of Nancy 1464 
 -  King of Burgundy bestowed by Emperor Henry VIII 1466 
 -   estimate 30,000,000 (1870)
Currency Thaler

The Kingdom of Burgundy was a state in Western Europe, declared in the aftermath of the Burgundian War of Independence.



A New Kingdom



Province Capital Incorporation Coat of Arms Location
Duchy of Burgundy Dijon 1363 Arms of the Duke of Burgundy (1364-1404)
Count Palatinate of Burgundy Dole 1384 Nassau Arms
County of Flanders Bruges 1384 Arms of Flanders
County of Artois Atrecht 1384 Artois Arms
County of Rethel Rethel 1384 Armoiries Rethel 3 rateaux
Duchy of Brabant Brussels 1406 Royal Arms of Belgium
Duchy of Limburg Limburg 1406 Modern Arms of Limburg
County of Nevers Nevers 1406 Blason département fr Nièvre
County of Holland The Hague 1418 Counts of Holland Arms
County of Zeeland Middelburg 1418 Coat of arms of Zeeland
County of Hainaut Mons 1418 Hainaut Modern Arms
County of Frisia Leeuwarden 1418 Friesland (kleine wapen)
Lordship of Utrecht Utrecht 1418 Coat of arms of Utrecht city
County of Namur Namur 1429 Arms of Namur
Duchy of Geulders Geldern 1449 Guelders-Jülich Arms
County of Champagne Troyes 1464 Blason région fr Champagne-Ardenne
Duchy of Bar Bar 1464
County of Boulogne Boulogne 1464 Blason Courtenay
County of Ponthieu Abbeville 1464
County of Amiens Amiens 1464
County of Vermandois Saint-Quentin 1464
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