Kingdom of Coptica (de facto Coptican Empire)
Capital("Secular captial"/de jure) Cairo (since 1973)

("Religious captial"/de facto) Alexandira (since 1973, despite as being de facto captial by Coptican government its occupied by Roman military since 2003)

Largest city Alexandria (enough it occupied by Roman military since 2003)
Official languages Coptic
Recognised regional languages Western Arabic
Ethnic groups  Copts, Levatine, Berbers, Bedouin
Demonym Copts
Religion Oriental Orthodox/Miaphysite Chrisitanity,
Sunni Islam,
Christian Orthodoxy (1650s-)
African tradtional faiths (1860s-)
Government de jure Constitutional Monarchy with Parliamentary system
de facto Miaphysite Christian Theocracy/Semi-Absolute Monarchy with Authoritarian Democratic elements
 -  Monarch Da’oud Youssef III (2008-)
 -  Coptic Pope Pope Tawadros IV of Alexandria (2012-)
Legislature Parliamentary
 -  Formation February 1456 
 -   estimate 122,378,265 (2016) 
Currency Coptic riyal

The Kingdom of Coptica or (Unofficially by Neighboring nations as) Coptican Empire is nation located in mostly the Middle East and third of fourth North Africa. The Kingdom is only one of two Christian kingdoms that still exist to this day (2017) and only kingdom who somehow refused become Empire despite controlling whole parts of West Asia and North Africa.


War of Coptic Indenpence (1456-1458)

First Coptican Civil War (1472-1481)

Rise of Kingdom's Power (1552-1702)

"Holy Wars against Islamic fools" (the 1650s - 1801)

Enlightenment (1801-1825)

Second Coptican Civil War (1825-1847)

Industrialized the Nation (1848-1906)

World War I (1906-1912)

Post War I (1912-1943)

Third Coptican Civil War (1943-1956)

Reformed Kingdom (1956-1971)

Empirical Referendum (1971-1973)

Contemporary (1973-)

Romano-Coptican War (1998-2003)



Nation of Coptica is predominantly Miaphysite/Oriental Orthodoxy with small Sunni Islamic and other non-Miaphysite Orthodox Christian minorities as of 2017.

Christianity 106,216,629 (89.7%)

  • Oriental Orthodoxy/Miaphysite Christianity 71,568,103 (78.5%)
    • Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria 52,100,621 (79.8%)
    • Berber Orthodox Church 9,859,162 (10.2%)
    • Bedouin Orthodox Chuch 9,546,589 (9.9%)
    • Armenian Apostolic Church 51,731 (0.3%)
    • Neo-Monophysite Orthodox Church [circa] 10,000+ (0.1%)
  • Orthodoxy 30,100,004 (16.3%)
    • Coptic Orthodox Church under Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople 6,100,000+ (40%)
    • Other Non-Miaphysite Orthodox Christians (like Mongolian, Levetiane and Greek Orthodoxy within Middle Eastern region, etc.) 10,700,004 (60%)
  • Classical Orthodoxy/Church of East 2,600,867 (5%)

Islam 16,161,636 (9.3%)

  • Sunni Islam 16,119,475 (9.1%)
  • Shia Islam 42,161 (0.2%)

Traditional African faith 87,000? (1%)

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