The Kingdom of Eurosyria
Reformed as Republic
Capital Alāhā
Official language Main: Neo-Aramaic
Minority: Welsh, Scottish, Greek and Mongolian
Religion Church of West/Nestorian Christianity
Government Absolute Monarchy (1592-1806), Constitutional Monarchy with Dominant Party-like Parliamentary system (1589-1592, 1806-2012)
 - "Remnants of previous European civilisations"
 - Formation of Kingdom 1589
 - Republican Referendum June 4, 2012
 - Reformed as Republic/Republic of Eurosyria 2012
Currency Eurosyrian coins

The Kingdom of Eurosyria was a Kingdom in Normandy and Northern west of mainland Europe from 1589-2012. Their last king was Ṭūḇayhōn IX (1995-2012) by the time when an official constitutional referendum is favored to be Republic by 52.5%.


The nation's major religion was The Church of West (or Nestorianism/Classical Orthodoxy) - and means since as part of nation's heritage with some exceptions converting non-Eurosyrians into Nestorian faith throughout the nation history like "white"-Assyrian or Roman minority living there.

Christianity (83.4%) 68,509,071

  • Church of West/Nestorianism/Classical Orthodoxy 64,215,721 (75.2%)
  • Independent Catholicism 4,163,613 (5.6%)
    • Neo-Catholicism 7,021 (0.1%)
  • Eurosyrian Orthodox Church 73,166 (2.5%)

Irreligious (16.6%) 2,501,562

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