Empire of Gujarat
Timeline: Hamaara 1857

OTL equivalent: Gujarat (India) and Socotra (Yemen)
Flag of the Gujarat Sultanate COA baroda1
Flag Coat of Arms

Courage and Confidence

Anthem "Lions of the Rann"
Capital Bhuj and Baroda (dual)
Largest city Ahmedabad
Other cities Porbandar, Surat, Jamnagar, Rajkot and Junagadh
  others Marathi and Hindi
Hinduism, Islam and Jainism
  others Buddhism, Sikhism and Atheism
Ethnic Groups
  others Marathi, Parsi and Siddi
Demonym Gujarati
Government Absolute Elective Monarchy
  legislature Ahmedabad Durbar
Mirza Maharao Pragmulji II of Kutch
  Dynasty: Jadeja
Established 19th March 1861
Independence from UK
  declared 20th December 1858
Currency Rupaiah

The Kingdom of Gujarat is a sovereign state located in Southern Asia.


Gujarat is an absolute elective monarchy, with the Mirza Maharao of Kutch and Maharaja of Baroda ruling their own constituent states and with one of them also ruling the whole nation.

The rest of the rulers all elect the Maharaja/Mirza Maharao of Gujarat after the death (or abdication) of the ruling monarch.

Ethnic Groups

Gujarat is a diverse nation of many ethnicity.


The Gujaratis are an Indo-Aryan ethnicity.Gujaratis are mostly Hindus,but there are also Muslim,Jain,and Christian minorities.

The main Muslim Gujarati minorities are Memons, Dawoodi Bohras, Khoja and Badala while Dhed, Mochi, Brahmins, Rajputs, Banias, Kolis, and most others are Hindus.

Portuguese travelers have described the Gujaratis as kind-hearted and naive, and say they were deprived of their kingdom by Hindustan due to their kind-heartedness.


A Portuguese painting depicting the Kingdom of Cambay (Khambat)


The Parsis are a Zoroastrian ethnic community who arrived in Gujarat from Persia in the 8th century,fleeing Arab and Muslim persecutors.

Thanks to the Mughals and British,they have become a successful business community,even after the war got rid of the British.

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