Kingdom of Tondo
Kaharian ng Tondo
[Old Tagalog]
Timeline: Merveilles du Monde (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Tondo (historical polity)
Tondo flag Db5igez-09a9a7db-8122-4bde-bc6f-26351050371d
The banner of Tondo Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Other cities Kulyat, Oloninapo, Malatarlak, Lihan, Tayabas, Naga, Minapa
Old Tagalog
  others Kapampangan, Old Malay, Bikol, Waray
Demonym Tondoese
Lakan Currently in civil war
  Royal house: Currently in civil war
The Kingdom of Tondo (Old Tagalog: Kaharian ng Tondo), also know as Tondo is a Tagalog sovereign state and a absolute feudal monarchy located in the Philippines, centered that centered around Luzon. Their current territory stretches from Malatarlak (OTL Tarlac) up to the Ibabao region (OTL Northern Samar) and may change in the future due to its expansionist policy. The Kingdom of Tondo, especially the capital city of Tundun is a major trade hub located on the northern part of the Pasig River delta, on Luzon island together with its arch-rivals Maynila, both of them established a shared monopoly on the trade of Chinese goods throughout the rest of the Philippine archipelago, making it an established force in trade throughout Southeast Asia and East Asia.

At the start of 1416, the assassination of Lakan Sukwu led to the fall of House of Tondo and the political instability in the Kingdom which led to a civil war that involved most of the regional powers in the region.


Reign of Lakan Sukwu (1407-1416)

The reign of Lakan Sukwu at the start was not good as most of the nobility didn't like his law of "military conscription" which is to prepare the Tondoese citizens for an upcoming war against the Islamic nations of Brunei & Maynila and the Japanese encroachment in the region however Sukwu was able to revise the law which benefited to both the nobility and the freemen. He also funded the workers to build trade outposts that would soon turn into a settlement. He was able to subjugate the disorganized Waray tribes in the Ibabao region (OTL Northern Samar) and the local populace in the Masbate Island. He also sent diplomatic ties to reestablish diplomacy with various nations such as the Majapahit Empire and Dai Viet. He also built a sewage system in the capital city of Tundun and a university called Pamantasan ng Tundun. Historians say that Lakan Sukwu's reign would be the start of the Tondoese golden age but that didn't happened as his reign ended in assassination. Some say that the Bruneians were the ones who assassinate Sukwu in order to halt the growing power of Tondo.

War of the Tondoese Succession (1416-present)

The assassination of Lakan Sukwu in 1416 marked the end of House of Tondo and the start of major political instability in the Kingdom for the first time in five centuries. Sukwu's wife was executed in the orders of Dayang Kalangitan who later styled herself as "Lakambini of Tondo" which a lot of prominent houses in the north didn't recognize her ascension and inheritance to the throne. The rumor of a secret marriage between Dayang Kalangitan and Prince Lontok of Brunei before Sukwu's assassination spread thru out the Kingdom which turned out to be true. There is a speculation that the assassins from the Bruneian Empire are the ones who murdered Lakan Sukwu which prompt the northern houses to rebel against Lakambini Kalangitan that is led by Datu Maitan of House Gatchalian and Datu Marikit of House Sambal who then formed the Red Faction to topple Lakambini Kalangitan of her treachery, stop the Islamization and Bruneian expansion in the region however Lakambini Kalangitan's faction called the "Yellow Faction" are proved to be stronger economically and militarily than the Red Faction as the Yellow Faction is directly supported by the nations of Brunei, Maynila and Sulu - starting the war for the Tondoese throne.

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