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Kingdom of Turkey
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Anatolia, Cyprus
Flag of the Ottoman Empire
Flag of Turkey

Devlet-i Ebed-müddet

Capital Ankara
Largest city Ankara
Other cities Ankara
  others Arabic
Sunni Islam
  others Sufism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Ethnic Groups
  others Kurdi
Government Absolute Monarchy
King Daoud Abdel Moneim
  Royal house: House of Osman
The kingdom of Turkey is a nation located in Asia Minor. After Yellowstone, Former leader of the Ottoman empire  Abdülmecid II regained control of the nation.


Post eruption

Martial Law and revolution.

See Turkish Revolution (Yellowstone:1936)

After the eruption, the military took over the nation, declaring martial law, and a totalitarian dictatorship was formed. After three years, people began to rise up against the military. After a mass shooting in Ankara, former Ottoman caliph Abdülmecid II led a rebellion to take control of the country. At the same time the Kurds began a rebellion. The rebels marched on Istanbul in 1940, and the government was pushed west. The government surrendered after their defeat at the battle of Diyarbakır


In late 1940, the government was forced east out of the nation. Now a kingdom, it strove for neutrality as a war was raging in Europe, and had signed an NAP with the Axis. Meanwhile, reconstruction, especially in Istanbul, began. The Kurdistani rebellions began to quiet around 1944, the year the first monarch and leader of the rebellion died, the region getting semi-independence. Policies made the citizens happy. Unfortunately, sanitation and hunger became a problem, especially in the far east.

With Britain fracturing, and the Axis winning the war, Turkey moved swiftly to take Cyprus. The short, month long battle resulted in Turkish control of the island. After the war, Turkey remained mostly at peace, although problems with fresh water in the Far East caused some concern. In the late '40s, with European nations inching closer into the Balkans, a military pact with the Middle East is made, known by most as the Muslim Bloc, or the Mediterranean alliance. This, as well as a military pact, helped with Turkey's oil supply greatly. Oil tankers began to drill into the Black Sea as well

Present Day


Strength: Three million

Army: 1.5 million

Navy: 800,000

Air Force: 700,000


  • TRS Sultan - Active
  • TRS Istanbul - Active
  • TRS Konya - Active
  • TRS Caliph - Active
  • TRS Trabzon - Active
  • TRS Ismir - Active
  • TRS Osman - Active
  • TRS Abdulmecid - Active
  • TRS Ottoman - De-activated as of 2012.

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