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Official languages (Kiskeyan) Arawak
Capital Kiskeya Town
Largest Cities Kiskeya Town
Population 974,000
HDI 0.811 (High)
Establishment of Republic
Currency Kiskeya Dollar (KSD)
Our Timeline Equivalent Island of Hispaniola

Kiskeya is an island nation in the northern area of the Taino Sea. In the early years of colonialism, Kiskeya (along with many other Taino-inhabited and uninhabited areas) was declared a "no man's land" - that is, free from the threat of colonization. It was actively defended by the Catatanian navy, which would pound any non-native settlements it found on the shore. In 1673, however, it officially became a protectorate of Catatania, with Catatanians still barred from settling on the land. 300 years later, in 1973, Kiskeya was given full independence, but to this day is still defended by the Catatanian navy, much as it was nearly 500 years ago.

The Taino make up the vast majority of Kiskeyans. The culture of Kiskeya is similar to those of neighboring islands with majority-Taino populations, and especially those others that were Catatanian protectorates.



53% Vegetarian
47% Non-Vegetarian


57% Taino religions
38% Nonreligious
19% Atheist
19% Agnostic
04% Cathar
01% others

Ethnic Groups

97% Taino
03% others (Catatanians, multi-race, etc)


98% Taino
02% others (Occitan, etc)
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