Governorate of Kodiak
Кадьякская губерния
Governorate of Alaska
Timeline: Russian America

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Flag of Kodiak
Flag of Kodiak
Location of Kodiak
Location of Kodiak
Capital Pavlovsk
Other cities Larsensky, Staraya Gaven, Uzen Kii
  others Aleut, Finnish, Norwegian
Eastern Orthodox
  others Lutherans, Old Believers
Ethnic groups
Creoles and Russians
  others Aleuts, Finns, Norwegians
Demonym Kodiaker, Kadyakets
Area 28,028 km² (24,628 кв. врс
Population 1,205,705 (2017 Census) 
Established February 10, 1841
Admission January 3, 1931
Time zone AKWST (UTC-10)
  summer AKWDT (UTC-9)
Abbreviations AK-KA, Кад. (Kad.)

Kodiak (Russian: Кадьяк, Kadyak), officially known as the Governorate of Kodiak (Кадьякская губерния, Kadyakskaya guberniya), is a governorate of Alaska. Comprised of several islands in the Gulf of Alaska, Kodiak has maritime borders with Kenai and New Irkutsk in the north, and Shelikof to the west.

The islands have been settled and populated by the native Alutiiq people well before European contact in the late 18th Century. The Kodiak Archipelago was among the first places settled by the Russian Empire in North America (with the capital Pavlovsk being the first capital of Russian America). Much of the early Russian colonization proved brutal, the most noted incident was the Awa'uq Massacre — in which native men, women, and children were killed by the Russians.

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