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Welcome to German People's Republic

In OTL, after World War I, Hitler rose to power and turned Germany to a Nazi State. However, Germany could have had gone down a very different path.


Adolf Hitler died in WW1.


15th October 1918: Hitler dies in a mustard gas attack.

1919: Weimar Republic is formed.

1929: American Great depression sends a severe economic shock wave through Weimar Republic.

1933: Revolts start popping up around Germany.

1933: Heinrich Brüning tries to solve the unemployment problem by building fat factories.

September 1935: 'Fat' Revolution. Weimar Republic is overthrown.

December 1935: German People's Republic is created. They become political allies with the USSR.

1936: Spanish Civil War starts. Soviet Union and German People's Republic fund the Republicans.

May 17th 1937: Germany invades Poland.

May 29th 1937: As Poland and it's allies attempt to defend the border, the Soviet Union attack along Gulf of Gdansk.

14th July 1937: Warsaw is invaded by Soviet soldiers.

16th July 1937: Two days after the attack on Warsaw, Poland surrenders. Poland is split in half by the Soviet Union.

September 1937: Wejolin Wall is built splitting Poland in half. The Eastern side of Poland is fully run by the Soviet Union and the Western side is run by a communist puppet government. The West is called the 'Communist Union of Polish Nationalists' or 'CUPN'. The East is named 'Soviet States of Polish Socialists' or 'SSPS'. The Soviets took a different approach to governing the East by making states like the USA.

December 1937: Spanish Civil War ends with the communist Republicans the victors. People's Republic of Spain is created.

January 1938: Germany starts making threats against Austria and Czechoslovakia to get them to join Germany including threatening them with the power of the Soviet Union.

March 1938: Czechoslovakia is integrated into the German People's Republic.

April 1938: Austria is integrated into the German People's Republic.

June 1938: Germany turns their eyes to Hungary. They again threat the country with invasion. Hungary refuse.

29th June 1938: Germany invades Hungary.

July 1938: The Allied Powers (excluding Soviet Union) warn Germany to stop the invasion. Germany refuses.

16th July 1938: Hungary surrenders. The allies don't do anything as they are afraid of the Soviet Power.

Map 1938-0

Map of Europe July 1938

Late July 1938: Germany starts threatening Italy to overthrow its Fascist movement.

August 1938: Italian Civil War starts. As a new neighbour to Italy, Germany sends troops into Italy to aid the communists.

May 1938: As all the invasions had been happening in about 1 year and a 1/2, this had been putting strain on the German government. Anti-communist revolts start popping up in German occupied territory. Especially since Germany had been heavily punishing anyone who disagreed with communism and was heavily antisemitic like the Soviet Union (like Nazi Germany was in OTL).

June 1938: Germany pulls out of Italy to fight the rebels. Public executions start happening around German occupied territory. Germany create VNAV - Volks Nationalen Aufstand Verteidigungskraft (German National Riot Defence Force) to stop these riots. However, these forces were really just firing squads.

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