Alternative History

Emperor Kômon (孝文天皇) (1702-1737) was the 111th Emperor of Japan. He reigned from 1710 until his death in 1737. His personal name was Yasufito.

During the early part of his reign, Toyotomi Fidefiro served as his sexxô. Emperor Kômon initiated the Fôka reforms in 1735, introducing a measure of democracy to the Japanese government and removing the Toyotomi clan from power.

His posthumous name was derived from combining characters from the names of two previous Emperors, Kôtoku (r. 645-654) and Mommu (r. 697-707), two Emperors during whose reigns the power and prestige of the Imperial court was strengthened, and the Japanese government centralized.


Kômon was the fifth son of Emperor (Higaxiyama). He had at least 16 children by various women. His eldest son went on to become Emperor Go-Kômon.

Sexxô and Quampaku

  • 1710-1716 Toyotomi Fidefiro (Sexxô)
  • 1716-1728 Toyotomi Fidefiro (Quampaku)
  • 1728-1735 Toyotomi Fidefi
  • 1735-(1740) Fujiwara Nagafiko


  • 1735-?? Fôka
Preceded by:
Emperor of Japan
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