Queen Kristina I of Sweden, Northern Norway and Mecklenburg (from where her Obodrite dynasty origined) was born in 1643 as the daughter and only child of Erik XVII of Sweden and his wife.

She succeeded her father when he died in 1672. He even had changed the law of succession in Mecklenburg for her.

Still a princess, she married Eduard of Wassenberg of the royal Dutch family, who would later become king Eduard IV of the Netherlands. This led to a Dutch-Swedish alliance, and far in the future even to a Dutch-Scandinavian union. Her daughter and only child Kristina was born in 1668. Quite sickly and not at all as capable as her great mother, she made her many sorrows.

She continued the politics of her father, which meant liberal reforms on the interior, and opposing the absolutist François IV of France on the exterior. These politics to form a great anti-French coalition would culminate in the anti-French War 1682-94. As a result, all of Norway became Swedish in the peace of Amsterdam (which is why this war is also called the second Nordic War in Scandinavia).

For some time (since 1680/81), she was the effective ruler of Brandenburg-Silesia and Franconia-Pomerania (which had no capable native prince). In this position, she influenced the election of Francisco II of Sicily for Roman king, instead of François V. (She herself wasn't electable.)

She died in 1713, to be succeeded by her daughter. Her husband survived her for nine years, preparing the country for her grandson Erik XVIII.

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