Kristjana III
Kristjana III
Queen of Vinland
Reign 14th November, 1287 - 1st December, 1301
Predecessor Thyri
Successor Hafdis III
Born 30th September, 1280
Fjallasay (The Kalmar Union), Vinland
Died 1st December, 1301
Konunglegursaey, Vinland
Spouse Sigurthur Asgeirsson
Issue Magnus Sigurthursson
Full name
Kristjana III Olafsdottír
House Eiriksdottír
Father Olaf Skullisson
Mother Thyri Invarsdottír

Only 7 years old when she inherited the crown of Vinland, Kristjana III's reign was largely overshadowed by conflict in the Hafsvaedaland. Continued emigration from the eastern provinces of Vinland toward the new settlements in the west provoked the only recently conquered tribes into confrontations which frequently turned violent.

Relations between the earls, with their new lands enshrined by the donations of Thyri, were generally cordial during her reign. They began to actually work together properly to defend the outer villages but often they were reliant on mercenary troops from Atikamekwia and Abernakriga. Despite the difficult conditions the new settlers appeared to thrive. Markets in the nascent towns boomed and churches were widely built (although not always staffed). However the close control of the farmers by the earls and their thralls was in stark contrast to the freedoms enjoyed by the farmers of the maritime provinces and this bred unease.

Immigration to Vinland in general, from Iceland and Greenland was increasing anyway. The climate of the North Atlantic was steadily getting worse and many began to abandon marginal farmlands for the expanse of Leifia. In 1290 the Althing made its first bid to take over the Thing of Greenland. It was rebuffed but a decade later the Pope made a Vinlander, Eirik Thorgilsson, the Bishop of Greenland, which helped strengthen the hold Vinland increasingly had on the declining northern colony.

A start was made to the first royal palace, the Ononglegakest, in Fjallasay in 1297. The structure, which was ruined by fire during the Vinlandic Civil War (1395-1405), was situated where the Fylkírthing now stands.

She died in childbirth, just as her mother had done, in winter 1301 at the age of 21. The crown then passed to her cousin Hafdis.

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