Kristjana IX
Photograph of Kristjana IX, October 1990
Queen of Vinland
Reign 2nd January, 1988
Predecessor Kristjana VIII
Born 29 May, 1967 (1967-05-29) (age 53)
Spouse Prince John af Klint
Issue Landgrave Reynir

Landgrave Olóf
Crown Princess Sigrídur
Princess Anna Lilja
Landgrave Vilhjálmur

Full name
Kristjana Arlín Sofía Svenný Elisiv Eiriksdottír Reynirsdottír
House Eiriksdottír
Father Reynir Petjursson, Landgrave of Kawardáskog
Mother Kristjana VIII

Kristjana IX is the current reigning monarch of Vinland and Keewatin Territory, and head of the Church of Vinland. She is well-liked figure in Vinlandic society; frequently praised for her forward-thinking attitudes and no-nonsense dealings with woolly politicians.

The eldest daughter of Queen Kristjana VIII, Kristjana was initially educated at home alongside her brothers Vilhjálmur and Mattias, and younger sister Hafdis. However after considerable 'badgering' both from Kristjana herself and the then Prime Minster Jakob Halfdansson who had been roped into the Crown Princess's scheme, she was allowed to read history at the University of Hvilirábey having passed the entrance exams with ease. She would not get to complete her studies however.

Kristjana was on a royal visit to Snjórvatn in Keewatin Territory when the news of her mother's death reached her. After the ceremonial affirmation of her succession by the Althing (the Althing still holds the right of election) she would be crowned in Fjallasay cathedral on 3rd May 1988.

She had married the Prussian Count, John af Klint, a year earlier. Kristjana had met John whilst touring the Baltic as part of a Vinlandic delegation to the Kalmar Conference of 1984 and had evidently been charmed enough to accept his proposal when he visited Leifia in 1985. The couple have 5 children.

The Vinlandic monarchy is not particularly wealthy, at least compared to its European counterparts. It holds estates, overseen by a branch of government and proceeds of these estates are then paid to the immediate members of the royal family. Kristjana and John have been insistent that their children study and get 'real' jobs. Hence Landgrave Olóf and Princess Anna Lilja have both studied law, with Olóf currently practicing. Vilhjálmur has taken an interest in engineering, specifically in aeroplane design.

Crown Princess Sigrídur (l) and Princess Anna Lilja (r) in the parade uniforms of their respective honorary cavalry regiments; 1st Karegnondísk Dragonkor and 3rd Eiklandsk Husarkor. Photograph June 2014

Whilst not independently wealthy as such the Vinlandic monarchy still holds certain powers over government. The monarch is not banned from the Althing as in many other countries and Kristjana has frequently presided over furious debates, usually over financial matters. She has no powers of veto but can dissolve the government and call new elections when it fails to act decisively. As in 2006 when she dissolved two successive governments following deep disagreements over spiraling costs associated with the Trans-Leifian railway and Ontario-Karegnondí canal. Her governments have overseen a slow but steady program of modernisation. From votes for women to the introduction of a state pension Kristjana has been committed to the improvement of Vinlandic society as well as the unity of Leifian nations even if the politicians are more cautious. She is said to have a testy working relationship with the long-standing, and some might say pompous, Prime Minister Arnór Magnusson. She is said to have a much warmer relationship with her Keewatin Prime Minster Jan Ericsson.

On a foreign front Kristjana has spent much of her reign promoting various initiatives promoting Leifian unity and cooperation often without much tangible success. She has invested much time and diplomatic effort into creating a 'Pan-Leifian Union' which would act as a permanently in-session trans-national congress to defuse areas of contention but various issues have resulted in low enthusiasm in the project. In 2013 she would sponsor Atikamekwia's application to join the Kalmar Union, however for now they remain an associate member.

Kristjana is the first cousin of Christopher X of Denmark. Since the laying of direct telephone cables across the Atlantic in 2013 the monarchs are known to have regular telephone conversations and their family ties are usually said to have helped keep a firm unified Kalmar line on various matters of importance; such as Mexica, Pomeranian crises or interests in Persia.

Aside from Vinlandic Kristjana speaks Danish, Anglian, Álengsk, Eastern Algonquin and French.


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