The Krone (symbol K or kr), is the official and common currency of the Federal State of Austria-Hungary. The krone is managed and administered by the Austrian-Hungarian Bank (OUB/OMB). The mintage of coin and printing of banknotes is made by the Imperial and Royal Mint House on specifications of the OUB/OMB.

All banknotes carry the name in German and Hungarian in large print followed in small print in Czech/Slovak, Polish (until 1927), Ukrainian, Italian, Slovene, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian and Romanian.

The Krone (K or kr), 1 krone is divided into 100 Hellet (Austria) or Fillér (Hungary).

Denomination Language
Krone German
korona Hungarian, Polish (until 1927)
koruna Czech, Slovak
корона Ukrainian
corona Italian, Latin
krona Slovene
круна / kruna Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
coroană Romanian
Krono Esperanto
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