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Vinland Kyreyja.svg
Flag of Kyreyja
(and largest city)
Population 120,850 

Kyreyja Fylk is formed of several islands in the Breiduras Gulf, between the island of Vinland, Eikland and Passamaquoddia. Its capital and largest city is Hvilirábey and the population is about 120,000.

Hvilirábey (The Kalmar Union)

A bustling street in Hvilirábey

First inhabited by native Leifian tribes, Norse settlers arrived in the 1060s helped by Beothuk Skraeling scouts and eagerly divided 'Cow Island' up into farms. This settlement and division is documented in the lavishly illustrated Kyreyjatakabók now on display at the University of Hvilirábey. The relatively rich agriculture on the island propelled its Earls to vast wealth during the 12th and 13th centuries and allowed them to spearhead the growth of Vinland towards the south and west. Its first earl, Halfdan, effectively dictated the development of the Vinlandic (and Álengsk) monarchy, mainly to keep the Althing out of the earls' business. Every Vinlandic queen since have been descended from him and the queens from Iofridr to Kristjana V are sometimes refered to as the Kyreyjan queens.

The island is well-known for its agriculture, especially potato farming, although it was heavily hit by a potato blight that hit during the 1820s, adding to the general 'Leifian Crisis'. As a result of this almost half of its population migrated to Hafsvaedaland. Fur farming of the native foxes is also a big part of the island's economy.

Hvilirábey College (The Kalmar Union)

The grand college building at the University of Hvilirábrey

Vinland's most prestigious university, the University of Hvilirábey, is on the island. The grand college building dates from the 1370s. Hvilirábey University X are the current Vinlandic Háflaeykir champions. Due in part to the university Kyreyja has a thriving intellectual community and well-developed arts scene. It is sometimes said (only partly in jest) 'that every farmer is a philosopher and every washer-woman a poet'.

A plan to link Kyreyja by bridge to the Passamaquoddy mainland is a oft dreamed-of plan but far beyond the limits of current engineering technology.

Kyreyja is divided into four counties: Vestur-Kyreyja, Hvilirábeyland, and Auster-Kyreyja on the main island and Malasteínyjar which covers the smaller islands.

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