L'Uniona Homanus

The Human Union is a group of countries that come together for the purpose of promoting the development of Humanity and making the Human Race the People of a country whose foundation is firmly based in the idea that government ought to serve and be controlled by the people. The diversion from the normal course of History was not simply one or two movements, but a series of changes that will come together to consume the world and rebuild it.

The Name and Timeline

The name "L'Uniona Homanus" is a translation of a language which will emerge in my timeline, which means 'The Human Union'. The Human Union is the culmination of this timeline and a personal dream of mine. It does not mark the end of the timeline, but it does represent the greatest step forward that will be made. The L'Uniona Homanus Timeline is named after the end of the timeline rather than the POD, as there are many. Time in this History is set at the start of the Roman Empire in 753 BC. In parentheses, after most years, you will see a year in AD or BC and these are the years according to our calendar. So, the year 753 is actually 1 AD.


There are five timelines from the beginning, each having their own point of divergence from history. Some of them are divergences that are all their own and others are divergences caused by other timelines.

1. The Asian Timeline, beginning here

Beginning in the year 547 (206 BC), the Asian timeline begins with a Sinican expansion caused by a different character in the rulers of the Han Dynasty. It is the longest timeline and covers the events from India, Southeast Asia, China, Mongolia, Eastern Russia and Japan.

2. The African Timeline, beginning here

Beginning in the year 888 (135 AD,) this timeline comes from the Asian Timeline when men from the Maurya Empire of India escape into Madagascar and Southeastern Africa. It is further intensified by actions of the Romans in Western Africa.

3. The European Timeline, beginning here

Beginning in the year 914 (161 AD), the Europeans begin to change when Emperor Marcus Aurelius selects a man other than his son Commodus as Emperor. The European Timeline takes place mainly in the Roman Empire and its surroundings, but this area also includes Northern Africa, Europe and Western Asia. The Europeans take control of West Africa and with this many immigrate southwards; this has great effects for the African Timeline.

4. The Mesoamerican Timeline, beginning here

Beginning in the year 1038 (285 AD), Mesoamericans begin to develop when the city state of Uaxactun discovers the firearm and thus changes the whole political and economic actions in that region. This also includes South America and Mexico

5. The North American Timeline, here

Beginning in the year 1171 (418 AD), the tribes of North America develop first on the shores of Lake Chumani (OTL Lake Ontario) in the city of Hurit (Rochester, NY) which becomes the first Empire, called a League, among the Native Americans in the region.
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