Ladino / Linguas djudeo-romanses
Judaeo-Romance languages / Lenguas judeorromances
Spoken in Maghreb, Iberia (Al-Andalus and Spain), Ifriqiya and southwestern Occitania
Ethnicity Spanish and Andalusian Jews
Language family
  • Italic
    • Romance
      • Western
        • Gallo-Iberian
          • Ibero-Romance
            • West Iberian
              • Ladino
Standard forms
Judaeo-Spanish (Judezmo)
Writing system Mainly Latin alphabet; (originally Rashi and Solitreo) also Hebrew and Arabic
Language codes
ISO 639-3

Ladino (or Judaeo-Romance) is a group and continuum of dialects largely derived from Romance languages. Ladino spoken by various Jewish communities (and their descendants) originating in regions where Romance languages predominate, and altered to such an extent to gain recognition as languages in their own right.

Several variants exists in Spain and Al-Andalus. Of these dialects the main ones are Judaeo-Spanish (Judezmo), Judaeo-Portuguese (Lusitanic), Judaeo-Aragonese and Judaeo-Catalan (Catalanic). There is also a Judaeo-Provençal (Shuadit).

Judaeo-Spanish (Judezmo) is the most spoken and prestigious dialect. The core vocabulary of Judaeo-Spanish is Castilian and it has numerous elements from contact with old Romance languages of the Iberian Peninsula, such as Old Aragonese, Astur-Leonese, Old Catalan, Old Portuguese and Mozarabic.

Historically, the Rashi script and its cursive form Solitreo were the main orthographies for writing Ladino. However since the 13th century it is mainly written with the Latin alphabet.

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